UCP of Mobile offers Occupational, Physical, and/or Speech Therapy programs to children under 6 years old. We also offer evaluations and targeted therapy to adults with disabilities.

Adult Services – Therapy

Our therapists may see adults for specialized augmentative/alternative evaluations, equipment evaluations, environmental control accessibility, or wheelchair/seating evaluations. Training in the use of assistive technology may also take place for a specified length of time.

There is a fee for each of these services, but Medicaid and private insurance plans may cover these expenses.

For more information about Adult Services – Therapy, please contact UCP at (251) 479-4900 or send an e-mail to Diana Brown.

Early Intervention – Therapy

Children enrolled in one of our early intervention programs may receive therapy in their natural environment, which may include their home, day care center, church, library, park or other non-clinical setting. The therapy we provide in this program utilizes a Consultative Model, which involves the therapist providing services through an early intervention team that includes the child’s parent or caregiver.

Research shows that this approach facilitates the generalization of skills for the child and builds knowledge of child development in the family. The therapeutic play activities, which are shown to the family, can be used throughout the day as part of the child’s typical routine.

Ongoing evaluation and assessment also include the child and his/her caregiver, as well as child development professionals. This allows the team to focus their efforts on areas of development that most concern the family.

To be eligible for this service, enrollment in one of UCP’s Early Intervention programs and a doctor’s referral are required.

Funding is provided through a combination of government contracts, Medicaid, and private insurance.

For more information about Early Intervention – Therapy, please contact UCP at (251) 479-4900 or send an e-mail to Christine Smith.

Preschool – Therapy

UCP preschool students under 3 years old may receive consultation services from the agency’s therapists. Recommendations will relate to the child’s needs in the classroom.

Students 3-6 years old may receive occupational and physical therapy through UCP, while speech therapy is provided at UCP by the Mobile County School System. Each child’s therapy program is tailored to meet his/her specific needs and abilities, and can include the following:

• Team teaching
• Indirect services
• Consultation with the teachers
• Language, gross motor, or fine motor groups in the classroom
• Computer groups (in or out of the class)
Regardless of the methods, all school-based therapies are designed to enhance a child’s ability to reach educational objectives.

Additional therapy, which could concentrate on skills not specified in the child’s Individual Education Plan, may be requested. If available, this therapy would take place after school or during summer break. Therapy fees (based on a sliding scale) would apply to all additional therapy hours, but often Medicaid and many insurance plans cover these expenses.

For more information about Preschool – Therapy, please contact Cecy Lowell at 251.479.4900, ext 519.