Supported Employment

Supported Employment Program

UCP of Mobile’s Supported Employment Program assists people with a variety of disabilities to locate, acquire and maintain competitive employment in integrated settings.

The program is funded by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), and it follows the state’s “MILESTONES” system. All of our referrals come from ADRS, who determines if an individual qualifies for supported employment as outlined by federal regulations.

In order to enroll in supported employment, a consumer should call his/her local ADRS office, or the main office in Montgomery at 1-(800) 441-7607 and ask to speak with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor about supported employment.

Once a consumer is referred to UCP, an Employment Specialist will schedule two (2) Situational Assessments. Each Assessment is a volunteer situation that lasts approximately four (4) hours. The Assessments give the consumer an opportunity to sample several job tasks and determine what kind of employment they wish to pursue based upon their own personal experiences.

Next, an Employment Specialist works with the consumer during the job search phase of MILESTONES. In addition to completing applications and accompanying them on interviews, the Employment Specialist negotiates with the employer regarding any accommodations the consumer may need.

Once the consumer is hired, the Employment Specialist remains with them, helping them learn their job tasks. As the consumer becomes more independent and comfortable with their tasks, the Employment Specialist decreases the amount of time they spend with them on the job site.

In the final stage of MILESTONES, the Employment Specialist periodically checks back with the consumer and the employer. Known as “Extended Supports,” this assistance is available to the consumer for as long as they have that job. Extended Supports are intended to aid the consumer anticipate and prevent any barriers (either on or off the job site) that may arise and would hinder their job performance.

UCP of Mobile’s Supported Employment Program is available in 7 counties (Mobile, Baldwin, Chilton, Montgomery, Autauga, Elmore and Lowndes).

For more information about Supported Employment Program, please contact Diana Brown at (251) 479-4900 ext. 541 or send an e-mail.